Thrift store booty

I have completed a whole week of bus riding in defiance of high oil prices. It’s nice not to have to fill up my van every week, but I am pretty tired because riding takes so much more time. So far it’s worth it and I will continue. The extra walking to and from the bus stops doesn’t hurt either.

No crafting has been happening around here due to exhaustion. But today they put used clothes back on “buy one get 2 free” at my thrift store! Here is some of what I snagged.

Not sure yet what I will do with this skirt, but I liked the fabric.

These pants are a girls’ size 14 that will be downsized to fit Gwen who wears a 6X. I have never tried a project like this before so my sewing/designing skills will be tested.

A pretty purse with a lot of beads and sequins missing. I bought it anyway so I can make some like it.

And finally this brand new pair of Ugg boots for Gwen. They were only $4! I have to decide whether to leave them as they are or cut one side so they will fit over her leg braces.

I also got a pair of linen pants to add to my linen collection. Someday I will use them to make a Gee’s Bend-style linen quilt. I love linen because it is cool, comfortable and calming.

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