Other people’s craftiness plus a loofah update and more

I have made nothing in the past two weeks while Gwen has been out of school. So here is something my uber-creative friend Violet made for Gwen. Violet had a hip replacement and needed a project to do while she recovered. I gave her a pair of socks, some polyfill and sock monkey instructions and she made a kitty.

Isn’t she great? The cat is hand-sewn, the features are made of leather and the real id tag reads “I love Gwen”.

More kitty pics and other stuff are behind the cut.

Watch out, this cat has claws!

And now for a loofah update. The vines have grown super fast and are over the top of the fence and into the neigbor’s bamboo. We hate that bamboo because it grows under the fence and into our yard. But for once we are getting some use out of it. After reading up on loofah sponge gourd production I fear I may have planted too late.

And finally for your entertainment, an alien army of discarded cicada skins:


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