Great News!

We are one step closer to getting Gwen off the waiting list for state assistance! We are approved and have been assigned a case manager. I know the case manager’s boss and am confident she will take good care of us.

The next step is to meet with the case manager and select an agency to pay our babysitters. We will get to keep our current babysitters but now they will be employees of the agency. I think this will be good for them because they can get health insurance. But I will make sure they are treated right before I sign anything.

This means that we can stop paying $2500 per month for people to stay with Gwen at night so we can sleep. It is such a relief especially since Gwensdad still isn’t working full time and our property taxes are due in 7 weeks! Now I can stop worrying so much about money all the time.

YAY! Everyone do a snoopy happy dance with me!

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