nervous withdrawal

I was very busy over the weekend but now I am having fits to get on the nervous forums! I have been to the yahoo nervous chat room several times but no one is ever in there. Fortunately I got cards from thunderstorm19 and Lilac (thanks!) to tide me over.

My uncle is worse and it is almost over. They didn’t expect him to live through yesterday but he is still hanging on. My cousins are on their way here. My mom came over tonight and we wrote his obituary. It is really horrible to write an obituary for someone who isn’t even dead yet. He has been really sick for a long time but it is all still very hard, especially for my aunt who is exhausted.

This morning I went to Gwen’s school to make holiday crafts with her class and another special ed class. After that I came home and slept because I am getting over a sinus infection. I have a luncheon tomorrow and one more party Thursday night and the sitter is coming early so Gwensdad and I can go together.

My last nervous project for the year is going out tomorrow- a small holiday gift for Dunglas. Then I will be jamming on the handmade Christmas gifts which I may or may not finish in time.

I hope all the nervous people are ok and I am wondering if chunkymonkey made it to the commune yet. Everyone comment and tell me your news!

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